Switzerland: Country’s largest agricultural biogas plant comes on stream

New purpose for the Nescafé and Nestlé waste found in biogas sector

Nestlé Waters and Groupe E Greenwatt proudly inaugurated Switzerland’s largest agricultural biogas in Treize-Cantons, situated next to the Henniez bottling plant. State’s Councillor Jacqueline de Quattro, head of the regional development and environment department supported the initiative stating: “The development of local and renewable energy meets the objectives of the canton’s energy policy. It opens up the way for the energy transition and improves our security of supply”.

This project is a part of Eco-Broye program launched by Nestlé Waters in 2009 for the preservation of the natural resources of Henniez and its region, by involving farmers, authorities and key stakeholders in joint projects.  The partnership between Nestlé Waters and Groupe E Greenwatt is aiming towards improving environmental performance, raising awareness of the importance of the sustainable management of water resources and construction of facilities to produce renewable energy.

This biogas plant will use 25.000 tonnes of agricultural fertilizes from 27 farms in the region every year, and additional 3.800 tonnes of organic waste from the processes that produce Nespresso and Nescafé, which will be used as a raw material to produce biogas. The heat produced in this way will be consumed in Nestlé Waters bottling plant, whose proportion of renewable energy will increase by 50% and reduce the CO2 emissions by 1.750 tonnes every year.

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