The European Parliament and Circular Economy

The Environment Committee of the European Parliament is supportive of the Circular Economy and it gives the green light to the European Commission to come up with an ambitious proposal.

The European Commission promised to publish an ambitious Circular Economy roadmap that will roll out within the coming years a series of proposals to make Europe’s economy more resource efficient. In the meantime, the European Parliament has decided to draft a non-legislative report titled “Resource efficiency: moving towards a circular economy”, which will give a clear signal of what the Parliament expects from the commission.

The report calls for several measures that are important for biogas producers, namely: banning the incineration of biodegradable waste, keeping ambitious recycling targets across the EU and developing a framework for nutrients recycling by recognising organic fertilisers within EU law. The report passed the Environment Committee vote on the 17th of June and the final plenary vote is expected for the 6th of July.

EBA welcomes the Parliament’s drive to have a strong Circular Economy set of proposals and it is committed to support decision-makers towards achieving a sustainable and resource efficient future.