‘Unique’ biogas-fuelled barge in development

The Lithuanian LNG cluster has unveiled plans for a “unique” barge powered on liquefied biogas and electricity.

According to a statement from the cluster the barge is eventually planned to transport liquid cargo on inland waters between Stockholm and Göteborg.

Businesses from three countries are involved in the work. Lithuania-based Western Baltic Engineering and Klaipeda Science and Technology Park (KSTP) along with Sweden-based Avatar Logistics and Germany-based the Port of Hamburg.

Sweden, which plans to end the use of diesel fuel before 2050, is “especially interested” in developing new forms of transport such as the biogas-fuelled barge, according to the statement.

The barge, a prototype of which is due to be launched this month, will be 86 metres long and have a capacity of 2114 m3 when scaled up to full commercial size.

The prototype will run on liquefied biogas and electricity will achieve “zero emissions” of CO2, sulphur and particulates, according to the statement.

Source: ENDS Waste and Bioenergy

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