Waste Management 2017

The International Exhibition of equipment and technologies for waste collection and recycling Waste Management 2017, the main a platform for attracting investments and advanced technologies into unique developing Ukrainian market of €14 billion, will take place on 3-4 october 2017 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Special session dedicated to biogas energy will be conducted within the business program of the event and each exhibiting company is welcome to have a speech with the presentation within the session.

The event will be attended by leading suppliers of equipment and integrated solutions for waste management, financial institutions, MSW operators, municipal and state authorities, construction and engineering companies, industrial enterprises, territorial communities, societies of co-owners of apartment buildings.

Why biogas? Why Ukraine?

• The energy efficiency is a question of Ukrainian national security because recent significant increase of energy resources’ cost and/due to political conflict with main energy resources’ supplier – Russia.
• Ukraine is one of the world’s leading agricultural producers with huge potential for biogas installations in this sector.
• 5% of Ukrainian territory is covered with MSW landfills – that is an enormous potential for the biogas development as well.
• The double increase of the local budgets due to financial decentralization and the need to fulfill the commitments undertaken at the signing of the association agreement with the EU have led to increased necessity of local authorities to develop infrastructure projects.
• Financial institutions, such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank, the NEFCO and Ukreximbank, are willing to invest in the sector.
• In 2017 the national waste management strategy is expected to be approved by Ukrainian Government, which will continue the reform of the industry.

EBA supports this exhibition and invites you to participate in the event!

All EBA members obtain 10% discount for the exhibition space rent.

Detailed information is available on the website www.wm-expo.com

If you have any questions, please contact organizers via email events@wm-expo.com or phone +38 056 794 33 94

Contact person:
Ilya Agafonov
Project Manager
+38 056 794 33 94, ext. 253