Xylem launches biogas support system

Xylem, a water technology company, has launched a new biogas support system – the Flygt BIS 1 biogas support system – specially adapted for the wall-mounting of submersible mixers in biogas digesters.

“Biogas digesters have a sealed cover which means accessing the tank to change the mixer position is difficult,” said Eilert Balssen, market manager Biogas and Agriculture for Xylem. “The Flygt BIS-1 biogas support system enables operators to move the mixer on the guide bar from the outside of the tank.”

“With the introduction of this equipment to complement our high efficiency biogas mixers, Xylem offers a complete biogas digester mixing system. This will ensure perfect fit and performance.”

As the number one supplier of biogas mixers globally, Xylem has deep application knowledge supported by academic research, enabling its advanced mixing system to fulfill all mixing demands, while ensuring an optimal digestion process and maximising gas production.

Source: Bioenergy News
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