A closer look at SYSTEMIC’s Outreach Locations

The SYSTEMIC project will demonstrate several technologies to recover nutrients, organic matter and water from bio-waste by means of 5 European Demonstration Biogas Plants, operating at full scale and which will be closely studied during the project.

Next to this, eleven large-sized anaerobic digester plants were selected as Outreach Locations. These plants have a strong interest in opportunities for nutrient recovery and recycling (NRR) and want to find out if this could be a sustainable and profitable way to prepare their business for the future. All outreach locations offer excellent opportunities for implementation of NRR technologies, enhancement of existing NRR technologies and/or optimization of their business case.

On the SYSTEMIC website, fact sheets are available on the Demo Plants and Outreach Locations, which provide a unique insight in the plants digestate treatment steps, business case and drivers for nutrient recovery.

Check out the fact sheets here:

Demonstration Biogas Plants

Outreach Locations

In the SYSTEMIC network of biogas Plants, there is still more room for biogas plants interested in opportunities, NRR technologies and networking with other plant owners and scientific partners.

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