A technical breakthrough within the BESTF project BioProGReSs

The project aims to reduce the investment and operating cost of the syngas cleaning and increase the yield of biomethane from the gasified biomass.

Amongst others, EBA member Renewable Energy Technology International AB is a partner of BioProGReSs project. BioProGReSs stands for Biomass Product Gas Reforming Solutions with a goal of recuing investment and operating costs of syngas cleaning and increasing the production of biomethane from the gasified biomass. The innovative measurement technique for online detection of the tar content will be tested as well for further developing of new monitoring and control strategies for the GoBiGas plant. This technique is based on Light Emitting Diodes (LED) for Fluorescence Spectroscopy.

At the end of 2016 the online tar measurement technique was already installed in the 20 MWbioSNG GoBiGas plant in Gothenburg. This ensured the measurement of the changes in the level of the detected tars and if there was a shift towards heavier or lighter tars during the operation.

Source: Energy Insight

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