Accord LTd, N2 Applied and the China Agricultural University join EBA

New members have recently joined the EBA community, which now counts 102 members. Accord LTd, N2 Applied and the China Agricultural University are now part of the EBA network.

Accord LTd is a consulting company based in Ukraine and focused on the development of biogas power generation. Apart from its membership to EBA, Accord LTd is also member of Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

Since 2012, the organisation has been monitoring all phenomena and innovations occurring in this renewable energy industry in Ukraine and abroad. In 2012, Ukraine’s electricity law was amended and a “green” tariff for electricity from burning biogas was introduced. Since that time, the construction of biogas complexes in Ukraine has become not only a means of efficient utilization of livestock wastes, but also an economically viable and effective option for power generation.

N2 Applied has also become member of our association. The company is based in Norway and its mission is to create value and contribute to a sustainable future by implementing technology solutions that enable recycling of nitrogen within agriculture and industrial user groups. To this aim, they act as catalyst and incubator for high-tech initiatives.

Recognised as a comprehensive university with its distinctive features in agricultural science, the China Agricultural University (CAU), based in Bejing, has also joined recently the EBA community. With one-hundred years of history, CAU has constructed itself as a research-oriented institute and covers a broad spectrum in both natural and social sciences, across the fields of food and agriculture, livestock, soil and water, engineering, economics, environment and energy.