Agraferm: New solution for increasing the performance of AD plants

Agraferm joins forces with Active Business Partnerships to provide bespoke services for AD plants in UK.

EBA Member Agraferm Technologies AG, a plant manufacturer in anaerobic digestion, biomethane and waste treatment plants, and Active Business Partnerships founded a new joint venture named 4D AD Services Ltd, offering tailor-made services for AD plants in order to optimise their performance.

All UK AD plants now have the opportunity to profit from professional assistance from companies with a long-term experience and broad knowledge of the sector. Agraferm and Active BP have worked closely on various AD projects in the UK since 2011. The new company 4D AD draws its name from the four dimensions they will offer services in: Site Management, Technology, Biological and Bespoke.

Mr Eike Liekweg, CEO Agraferm Technologies and member of the Board of Directors on the cooperation expressed that everyone was very pleased with this new partnership and that the market needed this kind of services.

Source: Agraferm Technologies

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