Balmoral Tanks: A natural evolution

The globally renowned tank manufacturer, Balmoral Tanks, has evolved into Europe’s leading storage tank design and manufacturing company.

The 2014 acquisition of the assets of Barnsley-based Galglass significantly expanded Balmoral Tanks’ portfolio to include new product lines for the AD market including epoxy coated steel tanks and concrete tanks.


Balmoral Tanks now offers a far wider range of products to industry, with virtually any type of tank being available from a single supplier. The company services the anaerobic digestion, wastewater, processing and desalination sectors as well as the potable and non-potable water storage markets.

Allan Joyce, Balmoral’s managing director said: “The addition of the new efusion® epoxy coated tanks and digestore® concrete tank ranges allows us to build on our success in the water storage industry and broaden our business based on proven designs and technology.

“Our experience is unmatched anywhere in the world, I believe, and so is our product range which spans concrete, epoxy coated steel, bolted cylindrical, hot press GRP and steel sectional tanks. You simply don’t get a wider choice from any other single source”.

Balmoral Tanks also offers a wide range of associated technical services including installation, inspection, repair and maintenance.