BDI – BioEnergy International AG celebrates sales increase

The company has seen its sales increase in the first half of 2016

Thanks to scheduled processing of the major projects in Great Britain, EBA member BDI achieved considerable sales increase by 32.5% to a total of €15.5 million. In addition, earnings before interest and taxes also improved.

BDI’s financial position is achieved through successful projects conducted over past 6 months, which include the Brauerei Göss, the brewer’s grain fermentation plant, that was also recently recognised by the Energy Globe Awards Austria. BDI was also responsible for the high FFA esterification unit project in Great Britain, building a plant for the processing of commercial waste fats. The company was involved also in other projects in Great Britain and California.

BDI’s financial report of the first half of 2016 can be downloaded here.

Source: BDI

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