Below zero emissions pathway for clean mobility – EU Green Week partner event

A cost-effective and swift decarbonisation of transport will be only feasible with the deployment of all renewable technologies to drastically reduce emissions by 90% in 2050.

This workshop will explore the opportunities of biomethane as one of the most climate-friendly fuels currently available to reach even below zero emissions mobility. Biomethane belongs to the most promising alternative fuels to decarbonise transport in a swift and cost-competitive way, leaving no one behind.

The current standards to measure CO2 emissions released in the transport sector promote the development of green electricity, but hinder the deployment of other sustainable fuels and vehicles. Lack of policy support will put at risk the scale-up of the industry and the achievement of climate goals.

This webinar will discuss how to overcome the existing barriers to unlock the potential of biomethane in transport and reach EU’s zero pollution ambition in this sector. It will also zoom into the opportunities of this green fuel to decarbonise different transport modes.


This event is held in the framework of the EU Green Week and is open to all audiences, including:

  • Biomethane producers.
  • Developers of cutting-edge technologies to reduce GHG emissions in transport.
  • Vehicle manufacturers.
  • Logistic companies heavily relying on transport solutions to deliver their goods.
  • EU, national, regional or local policymakers working on the decarbonization of the transport sector.
  • Other EU organisations advocating for the use of renewable and low carbon fuels in transport.
  • EU citizens, as transport users and consumers of goods delivered by different transport modes.

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