Infrastructure and security of supply

There is an urgent need to diversify EU gas supplies. Today, the EU produces only 15% of the gas it consumes. It is highly dependent on external suppliers, with 40% of imported gas coming from Russia.

The deployment of biomethane to replace fossil fuels does not require the large investments to develop new infrastructure. The existing gas infrastructure is biomethane-ready. This is key to ramping up decarbonisation and providing affordable renewable energy for consumers.

Biomethane can be produced and traded within Europe, ensuring the EU’s security of supply, and avoiding dependence on external providers.

Deployment of infrastructure in road and maritime transport

  • Growing gas refueling network for clean transport

In 2022, Europe’s rapidly growing gas refueling network reached 4,109 CNG, and 497 LNG stations. This infrastructure should be further developed to ensure the deployment of full bio-LNG.  

  • More infrastructure needed in heavy-road transport

The amount of biomethane available and used in road transport is growing exponentially. By 2030, the biomethane share could rise to at least 40%, cutting GHG emissions by 55%.

  • Infrastructure already available in maritime sector

Europe is in a leading position in this segment, providing a competitive advantage to European ports and shipping companies.