Biogas Action consortium meets in Croatia to discuss the last project steps!

Biogas Action aims to serve as vehicle for the development of the European biogas sector and to increase the biogas and biomethane production in the European Union, by focusing on removing the non-technical barriers to contribute to creating better frameworks for the widespread production of biogas and biomethane, in line with the EU 2020 targets.

EBA is part of the project consortium that gathered together last June in Croatia to share the outcomes in the different regions involved. The meeting was hosted by Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar – EIHP. Different workshops were organised during this two-day discussion to exchange insights and evaluate the second period of core interventions carried out in the target regions, as well as their replication activities in other areas. The achievements and challenges on the implementation of biogas for each region where tackled during the exchange of views. This showed both the distinctive features and the common challenges that each target region faces at present in the biogas sector.

This gathering was also the occasion to plan the update of the toolbox created in the framework of the project. The partners have shared their experiences with an approved list of existing documentation of successful national tools, EU projects and success stories. This information has been used, on the one hand, to create a database of existing tools and guidelines for biogas promotion in Europe to boost the development of operating biogas plants or to find answers for a planned biogas project. On the other hand, to publish a map of successful biogas installations across Europe to allow people using the tool finding the perfect match for their own local conditions. The updated version will be ready soon on the online toolbox.

The experiences and activities shared by the partners will be presented in the final booklet that will summarise the project objectives, achievements and recommendations for the successful implementation of biogas across Europe. This document will be disseminated during the final conference that will take place on 11 October in Brussels. The invitation to this half-day conference will be sent out soon, so stay tuned on the next details and on the conference programme. Check the news on the project website!