Biogas Action contributes to the conference ‘Development and operation of biogas plants’

The First day of the conference was fully dedicated to the EU-founded project Biogas Action.

Biogas Action serves as vehicle for the development of the European biogas sector and has a goal of increasing the biogas and biomethane production in the European Union. The conference ‘Development and operation of biogas plants’, held in Czech Republic, dedicated the morning session of the first conference day fully to this project.

The session was opened by Mr Miroslav Kajan form the Czech Biogas Association, who made an introduction to general aspects of biogas plant operation and development in the country. His speech was followed by Mr Jan Štambaský, the president of the European Biogas Association, who offered a full update on the Biogas Action project, as well as the most recent information form negotiations with the European Commission and the developments across the EU. The lively morning discussion also covered the conference’s most relevant topics such as new methodological procedures, application of legal acts, perspectives, conditions of subsidy programme followed by case studies as well as project documentations, applications and implementations.

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Source: Czech Biogas Association

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