The redesigned, revised and updated UK biogas profile is now available

The redesigned, updated and revised UK Country Profile, featuring biogas and biomethane productions, feedstock, potentials and future prospects, as well as policy analysis is now available.

coverThe UK Profile, like all the Country Profiles EBA regularly publishes, contains excessive information on the feedstock, energy mix, biogas and biomethane production, gas network and vehicles, gasification and policy and legislation related analysis, including support schemes and future prospects on 20 pages.

The latest figures from the UK, report that the total number of anaerobic digestion projects, either operational or under development, has increased to 572, demonstrating that deployment in the UK AD sector remains strong in spite of reductions to incentives. In terms of operational plants, there are 80 farm fed and 77 waste fed biogas plants with combined capacities of 160 MWel. Apart from those, the UK water industry has additional 146 biogas plants installed at waste water treatment sites across the country, which utilise 1.6 million tonnes of sludge. This makes the UK having the second largest share of sewage sludge in terms of feedstock, after Sweden’s 6 million tonnes. The 75 landfill based biogas plants complete the total number of plants in the UK, that is currently 378, with installed capacities of 1 402 MWel.

Gasification in the UK is picking up with a number of projects that emerge across the UK, highlighting the growing interest in the technology as a mechanism for creating fuel and energy from renewable sources.

Much more on the current developments, gasification projects and facts and figures, as well as a detailed policy analysis is available in the Country Report. The Report is for members only, but with a possibility for purchasing it for the interested parties. Members can find it in the Members Area, here.

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