Biogas Basics

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Biogas starts being acknowledged worldwide as the most upfront technology for upgrading waste to valuable fertiliser and renewable energy. This success relies on several key advantages:

  • Biogas is directly applicable in numerous sectors such as in heating and cooling, in electricity production, in transport or even in the chemical industry
  • The biogas production process is mature and resilient: it can make use of a great variety of substrates
  • Biogas is an ‘all-rounder’: it can provide energy all year long with no intermittency
  • Biogas is a silver bullet in agriculture for mitigating methane emissions, the second most harmful GHG after CO2•Biogas turns organic waste and residues into valuable products,allowing for nutrient recycling and energy production locally

Despite its advantages and significant production potential, biogas is still widely unknown to the general public. The EBA secretariat decided to draft this ‘Biogas Basics’ booklet to help interested readers to explore the fundamentals of all aspects related to biogas, be it technical, political, environmental, or even economical, in an easy and enjoyable way. We wish you an enjoyable and insightful read as well as a nice journey in the world of renewable energy!