Biogas data on their way to Brussels

EBA has started collecting the data for this year’s edition of Biogas Report, the annual biogas statistical report.

The biogas report, containing in-depth data on biogas production including number of plants, capacities, feedstock analysis and forecasts among other will be published in December this year. In order to compile such an extensive publication, EBA has started collecting the 2014 data and screening the current European biogas market together with its members.

The biogas report will also contain an extensive analysis of biomethane developments in Europe, biomethane upgrade capacities and its utilisation pathways. As a reflection on the sustainability of biogas and biomethane the Report will also look at various options of using various waste streams such as biowaste, sewage sludge and waste from food and beverage industry and to what extent it is already happening in Europe.

This year’s Report will also cover gasification, for the first time. Although a young technology and not widely spread across Europe, the Report will investigate the potential and future prospects of this technology taking into consideration its advantages over some of the conventional technologies.

Since biogas and renewable energy policies in general are changing frequently, a very detailed overview of support schemes will be given and at the same time a full analysis of existing and planned policy changes across Europe.

This year will bring a very extensive Report, since there were numerous changes on the European level, such as the introduction of the Energy Union, the revision of the Circular Economy Package, communication on Energy from Waste and other European legislation which affect the biogas and gasification industry. Europe is also 5 years away from the 2020 NREAP targets which will also be assessed.

We invite any interested party which would like to contribute to the Report to contact the technical advisor at EBA, Erneszt Kovacs for any inquiry or contribution:

The Biogas Report will be available for members only.