Biogas Italy

The new edition of Biogas Italy, the CIB event, is back.

Biogas Italy is the benchmark conference for agricultural biogas and biomethane in Italy, organized by CIB-Consorzio Italiano Biogas. The new edition will take place in Rome on 13 and 14 march 2024, at Salone delle Fontane (Via Ciro il Grande 10/12, Rome). The main theme is “THINK NEGATIVE, Carbon negative agriculture to produce more consuming less”.

The new edition of Biogas Italy aims to build a strategy shared with all stakeholders in the sector to give strength and consistency to the agro-ecological and energy transition, looking beyond 2026.

The guidelines are multiple from supporting the development of entrepreneurial initiatives for the production of biomethane, in its various forms (compressed, liquefied, with CO2 recovery), to the production of electricity and heat from biogas, to identifying forms of support for carbon-negative farms.

More information here.