Biogas plays a key role in grid stability

Connected to the electricity grid, biogas plants can form a combined cycle (so-called “Kombikraftwerk”) that optimises the fluctuating production of wind and photovoltaic installations. This is what the field test led by Fraunhofer IWES based on two wind farms, one solar PV system and four biogas plants spread across 3 German Ländern has recently proven. “Biogas is the only renewable energy able to adjust the level of heat and electricity produced. Biogas plants provide auxiliary services that bring grid stability and guarantee of power supply, when combined with wind and solar installations.” explains Dr. Claudius da Costa Gomez, Chairman of the German Biogas Association.

The Renewable Energy Act of 2012 already introduced some flexibility for the roughly 7 700 German biogas plants to offer such auxiliary services. They already play a role through the injection of reactive current to regulate the voltage or to resume supply after a black-out, for instance. Head of the Company Council Claus Rücke adds: “We need a clear signal from policymakers that a reliable framework is going to support this strategic of biogas plants in the future. The next revision of the Renewable Energy Act will have to take this into account”.

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