Biogas production increased thanks to compostable bags

Successful examples in Milan, Catalonia and Munich favour biowaste collection bags

The benefits of compostable biowaste collection bags are various and they regard easier separation of biowaste, they are dry, clean and very hygienic and the most important thing is that they significantly increase the amount of biowaste collected form households. These bags were handed to households and after careful observation it is shown that the increased biowaste capture of high energy feedstock favoured notably the biogas production. Mr Götz Ahrens, Environmental Affairs Manager from European Bioplastics stated: ‘it has been shown that they have the potential to make people really be much more conscious of their waste separation behaviour, so they keep conventional plastic out of the biobag, they keep biowaste out of the residual waste.’ The biowaste compostable bags are already in use in Milan, Catalonia and Munich and are resulting in greater amount of biowaste.

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