Biogas simply the best

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To date, biogas is the only technologically fully established renewable energy source that is capable of producing heat, steam, electricity and vehicle fuel. It is, in the true sense of the word, a versatile energy source. With this brochure we hope to give you an insight into the European biogas development and convince you about this valuable source of energy either as future producer or consumer of biogas.

Biogas has become a real success story over the last 20 years. Roughly 10,000 biogas plants in agriculture, industry and waste water treatment are in operation in Europe. The majority is located in Germany. This success is due to the high feed-in tariffs which have been in force over a decade now.

The potential of biogas is still enormous. Based on figures of the German Biomass Research Centre (DBFZ), member of EBA, we calculated that under condition of a supportive national legislation, the available biomass would not only cover the targets set in the National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAP) but beyond that would allow to multiply the production of biogas by a factor of four to five.