Biogaz Europe, Nantes, France 7-8 February 2018


Biogaz Europe now in its 8th edition, is the leading and reference event for the French biogas sector.

Dedicated to the entire biogas sector, the event has as its core objective how, year on year, to take the French biogas market to the next level.

220 international exhibitors and represented companies and 4000 professional visitors are expected: energy professionals, farmers, agricultural parties, project developers, policy makers, local authorities etc.

This new edition provides again a rich platform for participants, including : international conferences, study tours, international business meetings, the Innovation Competition…

The Conferences

7th February : A day dedicated to biomethane and the French vision : 30% renewable gas in the French network by 2030 and 100% by 2050

– simultaneous translation is provided (french/english)

Achieving the Ambition: the ambitious French vision is 30% renewable gas in the network by 2030 and 100% by 2050. But what is the plan of action to get there ? What are the steps and measures to be taken to achieve it ? What other initiatives are being taken at the European level and how can they inform the French plan.

Supply and demand under the microscope :

Supply side : what are the options to radically increase the production of biomethane ? Anaerobic diegestion, « power-to-gas », methanation, waste water, algae and micro-algae – what are the perspectives for each to contribute and what are the timescales ?

Demand side : in addition to current consumption, what’s on the horizon ?  The transport sector (road, rail, maritime), direct injection, agriculture and animal protein feed, fuel cells … how will all these impact on biomethane demand ?

8th February : Best Practice and the Circular Economy

in French only.

Calling project developers : best practise in AD project development

Examination and explanation of the key, prerequisite steps to ensure a successful AD project with return of experience from some expert witnesses who’ve already trodden the path.

Anaerobic Digestion and the circular ecnonmy

How to best structure a project to ensure maximum environnemental benefit and an accordance with the circular economy. Intermediary crops, heat usage, digestate plan etc …

Biogaz Europe, in a nutshell :
250 international exhibitors and represented companies
4 000 professionals congregating over a two-day period
– an international conference program
– an Innovation competition to award the latest product and services breakthroughs
International Business Meetings run by the Europe Enterprise Network and CCI Pays de la Loire
– a series of on-site study tours the day before the event kicks-off

Visitor Registration : right up to the day of the event, visitors can register online for an e-badge providing multiple day free entry