BioLNG in Transport: Making Climate Neutrality a Reality

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In the perspective of the upcoming Smart Sustainable Mobility Strategy and revision of multiple important European transport laws, four associations – EBA, GIE, NGVA Europe and SEA-LNG – decided to join forces to demonstrate the great potential of bioLNG to decarbonise heavy-duty transport and shipping in a fast and cost effective way.

This joint White Paper provides with key facts and figures on several dimensions covering the bioLNG value chain, from production to infrastructure and usage. It aims at demonstrating the concrete benefits of using bioLNG as a fuel for heavy-duty transport and shipping, which are sectors where greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions are hard to cut. It further illustrates how bioLNG can help the European Union to reach its 2030 climate targets and become climate neutral by 2050.

The paper formulates key policy recommendations for European policy makers to consider when drafting future strategies and legislation to decarbonise transports.