Successful biomethane workshop in Amsterdam on 5th December 2017

The biomethane workshop was organised by EBA in Amsterdam in the framework of the Horizon 2020 BIOSURF project. 35 participants attended the meeting.

The presentations were followed by many questions and exchange of views. It was noted, among others, that:

  • Biogenic carbon dioxide produced in upgrading of biogas is to be handled as a second product, being part of the value chain,
  • The research towards lowering the costs of biomethane/renewable methane production in all three pathways (anaerobic digestion, gasification, power-to-methane) should be intensified and supported,
  • The conclusions and recommendations elaborated by the BIOSURF project should be made known in relevant political and industrial circles,
  • The harmonisation of national biomethane support systems and the equal treatment of imported biomethane (with domestic production) would be necessary to enable realising the potential of cross-border biomethane trade,
  • The work done within BIOSURF should be continued in a follow-up project. 

Please find below all presentations:

Introduction to the BIOSURF project – Attila Kovacs (EBA)

The present status and prospects of the European biomethane industry – Jan Stambasky (EBA)

The prospects for further development of production and use of biomethane in the Netherlands. – Gerd van de Logt (GGNL)

Issuing biomethane certificates in the Netherlands to support market development – Marco Middelkoop/Daniel Pol (Vertogas)

GHG quota system for promoting the use of biofuels in Germany – impact on biomethane – Frank Hofmann (German Biogas Association)

The European biomethane standards – Arthur Wellinger (EBA)

Carbon footprinting for biomethane in the EU RED and the ETS context  – Stefan Majer (DBFZ – German Biomass Research Centre)

Proposal by the European Commission on the revision of the Renewable Energy Directive – Martina Conton (EBA)

ERGaR – tool for the administration of cross-border biomethane movements through the European natural gas network – Attila Kovacs (EBA)

More information about BIOSURF here.