Bright future for digestate in Europe

Digestate and its advantages were on the agenda on EBA’s Biogas Conference in Alkmaar back in September 2014. Watch Eric Liegeois’ interview and expected developments and improvements of the Fertilisers Regulation.

Eric Liegeois from DG Enterprise and Industry, who was one of the key speakers at the Conference, shares his predictions and digestate’s destiny within the European regulation. “The most active countries in this field are Germany and France, where they are thinking about changing the status of digestate and that is where we get the inpiration from, to harmonise the European legislation. This is very important because we want to create a real level-playing field for digestate derived fertiliser compared to the mineral fertiliser. When it comes to mineral fertiliser, we buy it, we manufacture and this has an important carbon footprint which reflects on the environment, so it is better to have and use the resource we have (digestate), producing energy first and digestate as fertiliser.This is the way to create circular economy”, said Eric Liegeois.

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