Croatia: A new gasification plant of forest waste

A new gasification plant to be built in the coastal city of Rijeka. The gasification plant will use forest waste as feedstock.

EQTEC Iberia has signed a contract with the Company INTEL TRADE (Rijeka, Croatia) to design, supply, install and commission, in a “turnkey” basis, a gasification plant of forest waste, based in EQTEC Gasifier Technology.

Under this agreement, EQTEC will build its first gasification project in Croatia. The Gasification plant which will have a capacity of 8.000 t/year of forest waste, will be located in the cogeneration power plant the ESCO Company SENSE ESCO will build in the town of Belišće (Croatia) and will have an electrical output of 1.2 MWel and output 1.6 MWth.

The electricity produced will be sold to the state energy operating company HROTE based on the remuneration system of feed-in-tariff of Croatia for a period of 14 years. On the other hand, the thermal energy will be sold to the company HF (Harburg- Freudenberger Belišće ltd) that is located nextdoor.

Biomass used in the Project is mainly wood chips from cleaning the adjoining woodland in the area. The sale of thermal energy to other potential consumers is in negotiation which would increase the capacity  of the power plant with a second phase.

The project represents a total investment of circa 6 million euros, and generates revenues for EQTEC of 2.5 million euros under this first signed contract. The planned date for commissioning the installation is the second half of 2016.