Czech Republic: National biogas conference ‘Development and operation of biogas plants’

The Czech Biogas Association held another successful conference on 6th – 7th October 2016 at Aurora spa, Třeboň, Czech Republic.

The XXVIth edition of national biogas conference „Development and operation of biogas plants“ was held on the 6th – 7th of October 2016 in small picturesque city Třeboň in South Bohemia. Over 150 participants from the biogas industry experienced the usual family atmosphere of this traditional conference. Two EU-funded projects – BiogasAction (Horizon 2020) and TP Bioplyn (OP PIK) contributed to this year’s conference agenda.

The very first presentations sparked lively discussion. The President of European Biogas Association, Jan Štambaský, presented the European Union‘s contexts and perspectives of the industry along with an introduction of BiogasAction initiative followed by contribution of Pavlína Voláková, director of audit section at Energy Regulatory Office, focused on administrative aspects of biogas plants operation.

The presentation of the Czech Gas Association brought up interesting impulses when summarising changes of strategy within EU gas industry. The second part of the first conference day was filled with topics on new research challenges (e.g. potential of hydrogen and biogas technologies combination or the issue of foaming) led by leading Czech and foreign academic institutions (University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, UFZ Leipzig). Other presentations were focused on practical experience with biogas plants operation such as electricity and heat production (cogeneration units maintenance) along with their utilisation (fish production) and sale (Amper Market – virtual power plan), desulphurisation of biogas, solution for fermentor failures and gas appliances revisions.

The first day, arranged in cooperation with the EU-funded BiogasAction project, was concluded with an evening discussion and networking that counted with the participation of public representatives, which enabled valuable feedback as well as initation of further steps towards new incentives (Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment, Regulators) or objectification of biogas plants inspections (Regional Authorities, Czech Environmental Inspection).

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Source: Czech Biogas Association

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