Denmark: Countries largest biogas plant under construction

Denmark’s largest biogas facility will produce 75 million m3 of biogas annually.

The facility that will be the first large-scale biogas plant in Denmark will be the result of joint forces of the utility company Nature Energy and farmer-led cooperative Sydvestjysk Biogas. The statement claims that the facility will be operational by 2018 and will process up to 750,000 tonnes of mainly manure from farmers in the Korskro area a year, producing 75 million m3 of biogas annually. Sydvestjysk Biogas which represents about 100 individual farmers, will be in charge of supplying the manure and other agricultural biomass which will be processed in by the plant.  The statement also confirms that the facility is the first biogas project to receive support from Denmark’s state-backed Green Investment Fund.

Ole Hvelplund, managing director of Nature Energy said: ‘It is Denmark’s largest biogas plant [and] Nature Energy has a clear goal to build many similar large-scale plants.We get more efficient biogas production and society gets the green value for money. We need to get these plants out and in the country, so we can get away from the combustion of organic waste, Korskro is a big and important step in that direction.’

Nature Energy already operates four, smaller scale, biogas plants in Denmark.

Source: ENDS Waste & Bioenergy

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