Denmark’s largest biogas producer NGF Nature Energy ramps up production

NGF Nature Energy has revealed it increased its biomethane production to 16.6 million m³ in the first six month of this year.

The company’s financial statement, published on 7 September, reports that production had increased by 28.7% since the first half of 2016 when it produced 12.8 million m³ of biomethane.

The company also revealed it processed 550,000 tonnes of waste in the first half of this year, as Nature Energy said its long-term growth was “expected to come” from biogas.

Nature Energy’s chief executive, Ole Hvelplund, said: “We have been working hard to optimise our biogas production to improve the productivity of our facilities. We are beginning to see the results, and with a number of new installations under construction, we strengthen our position as Denmark’s largest producer of green gas.

Just last month, the company announced it would invest DKK500m (€67.2 million) in two large-scale biogas facilities and that construction had started on a 600,000t/yr facility.

The company also has four large-scale biogas plants in operation and long-term plans to establish a total of 17 such facilities across Denmark.

Financially, the first half results were described as “satisfactory” overall and the company said it expected its profit in 2017 to reach DKK55m (€7.3 million).