Discussing Guarantees of Origin with EBA members

EBA and ERGaR held a well-attended policy meeting on Guarantees of Origin (GoO or GOs) for their members on 6 December at the Renewable Energy House (REH) in Brussels.

The new Renewable Energy Directive (RED) extended the Guarantees of Origin from renewable electricity to also renewable gas. The Directive gives the minimum criteria for the contents of the GoO. Member States may include additional references. The Renewable Gas Registry, ERGaR, would like to include sustainability references to the gas GoO that will need to be of a completely different nature than the existing electricity GoO.  

Two representatives from the European Commission introduced the GoO as included in the new RED and answered the various questions coming from EBA and ERGaR members on the interpretation of the text and the implementation of the GoO. ERGaR has submitted their “ERGaR RED Voluntary Scheme” to the European Commission to seek official recognition as voluntary scheme. IT has the the specific purpose of mass balancing biomethane injected into the European natural gas network under the existing regulatory framework relevant to biomethane used as biofuel in transportation.