DMT-ET builds the first biogas upgrading plant in Estonia

The Dutch company DMT-ET announces new project.

EBA Member, DMT-ET will build the first ‘waste to energy’ system for upgrading biogas in Estonia. This will also be the first project of its kind to start creating clean energy out of waste and waste streams. The produced compressed biomethane will be used for buses in public transportation.

In order to reach their goals in renewable fuel, Estonia is starting to invest in biogas upgrading and is also looking for new possibilities to create energy out of manure, agricultural waste, municipal waste and wastewater.

The transition to renewable fuel in public transportation in Estonia started with the investment for the project in Viljandimaa. The first biogas upgrading plant will be delivered in August 2017 and will produce 150 kg of compressed biomethane per hour.

DMT-ET is currently building biogas upgrading plants in Denmark, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, USA, and the first biomethane production plant in Estonia. In U.K. alone DMT-ET delivered twelve biogas upgrading plants, with extra technology to produce liquefied and compressed biomethane and fuelling stations.

Source: DMT-ET

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