DONG Energy: REnescience construction progressing rapidly

The first full-scale REnescience plant is being built in Norwhich.

EBA Member, DONG Energy, has been constructing the first REnescience plant, which will treat the household waste with enzymes and warm water.  Flemming Ravnholt Kanstrup, the project director said: “The construction is progressing according to plan. All the anaerobic digestion tanks where the organic matter will be broken down, have now been erected. Both the biogas flare and the gas engine stack are also in place now, and work is also continuing on establishing concrete plinths for the associated pipework.” adding “The construction of the REnescience plant continues full steam ahead, so that we can be ready in spring next year. The construction is continuing on the waste reception bunker and the concrete plinths where the REnescience reactors will be situated, and we’re also progressing with the earthworks at the front of the plant, which will create space for lay down areas.”

If everything goes according to plan, the facility should be operational in early 2017. DONG Energy is already considering the development of similar projects in the near future.

Source: DONG Energy

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