DMT’s new technology towards a better environment

DMT introduces new green technology

DMT is an innovative, fast growing company with several offices in the Netherlands, France, Asia and the USA. The main goal of the company is delivering environmental technology which solves environmental problems and creates profitable solutions.

One of DMT’s most successful products is a technology that upgrades biogas into environmentally friendly biomethane with several techniques such as PWS (Pressurized Water Scrubbing) and Membrane technology. DMT has been one of the pioneers to commercialize the membrane technique to upgrade the biogas, resulting in a fast expertise with any type of substrate and many references around the world. The product is called DMT Carborex®MS system.

In 2012, they also developed the CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) utilisation route in which the biomethane is compressed automatically to CNG. This then can be used as vehicle fuel.

Additionally, the company has developed the utilisation route to Bio-LNG, which enables heavy duty vehicles such as trucks, to drive on liquefied biomethane. This reduces noise, minimises emissions and shows that one can produce profitably vehicle fuel from waste.

DMT is also one of the larger suppliers in the world of desulphurization techniques, with their specific series Sulfurex® series providing solutions to take out the toxic H2S out of various gas streams. Recently, Sulfurex® BR, another desulphurisation technology, was added to its portfolio. With this technology large streams of H2S can be biologically cleaned in a closed loop process.

Furthermore, the company recently acquired Sustec BV, adding two new product groups to their portfolio. One technology is called TurboTec® which is a thermal hydrolysis process, which increases biogas production from sludge streams.

The other product NutriTec® can remove nitrogen and phosphorus from concentrated waste streams and recover struvite and ammonium as fertilisers.

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