EBA applauds biomethane decarbonisation acknowledgement, but regrets lack of strong positive signal to the biomethane value chain

Brussels 11/07/23 – Today, the European Parliament adopted the final agreement on both the Regulation on the deployment of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure (AFIR) – setting the framework for the deployment of alternative fuel refuelling and recharging infrastructure across the EU and Member States – and the FuelEU Maritime Regulation – aimed at increasing the demand for and consistent use of renewable and low-carbon fuels in the maritime sector.

EBA praises the recognition of biomethane potential to replace fossil transport fuels in AFIR and applauds the increased ambitions of the FuelEU Maritime Regulation. Nevertheless, EU policy makers missed an opportunity to give a strong positive signal to the biomethane value chain by setting maximum distance-based targets also for the biomethane compatible refuelling infrastructure, and strengthening the FuelEU Maritime Regulation on advanced biofuels, while betting only on renewable fuels of non-biological origin.


Fanny Lamon – EBA Communications Officer lamon@europeanbiogas.eu

Anna Venturini – EBA Policy Officer venturini@europeanbiogas.eu