EBA spoke on gasification at the European Biomass Conference EUBCE 2015

Renewable biomethane is receiving an increasing attention of the scientists and the industry.

EBA was invited to join the closing panel of the EUBCE conference to give its view on the question: “What could be the role of bioenergy in meeting 2030 targets and what will be the challenges?”. The association was represented by Dr Jörgen Held, renowned expert for gasification technology and EBA’s member of the Scientific Advisory Council.

According to Dr Held, we should not speak about biomethane from AD, biomethane from gasification or from any other technology separately, but about biomethane from renewable resources as a whole, which is a chance for Europe to increase energy security, have cleaner environment and stimulate growth. AD and gasification play together in one team as complimentary technologies.

EUBCE conference brings the scientific community as well as industry in the bioenergy field together and thus forms an opportunity to exchange knowledge, to establish new co-operations and projects.

Vienna, 1-4 June 2015, 23rd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition: