EBA Conference 2018 – Silver sponsor ONTRAS

ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH is a national gas transmission system operator in the European gas transport system based in Leipzig, Germany.

ONTRAS operates Germany’s second-largest gas transmission system, with approximately 7,000 km of pipelines and about 450 interconnection points, to ensure the transport of natural gas to our customers. To do so, we link the interests of transport customers, dealers, regional network operators and producers of regenerative gases. 22 biogas facilities feed biomethane directly into the ONTRAS network. Additionally, two power-to-gas plants produce regenerative hydrogen using the electricity from wind turbines and feed it into the gas network.

ONTRAS is member of the Green Gas Initiative (GGI). GGI comprises seven independent gas infrastructure companies from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands who have committed themselves to achieve a 100% carbon-neutral gas supply in their transport infrastructure by the year 2050. Recently, GGI published the first report on the development of biomethane in their countries. Furthermore, ONTRAS supports specific activities of the German Biogas Council (Biogasrat) as well as the European Biogas Association (EBA), such as the upcoming EBA Biogas Conference in Antwerp 2018 (as a silver sponsor).

Ralph Bahke, managing director, ONTRAS