EBA contribution to the Clean Vehicle Directive revision

The ongoing revision is an opportunity to promote – through public procurement – a further move towards European transport sector CO2 emissions reduction, supporting a cleaner vehicle fleet.

After having replied to the European Commission’s public consultation in March, EBA will provide its expertise on biomethane at the forthcoming stakeholder meeting, sharing knowledge with other major organisations involved in the revision process and providing inputs to the European Commission, from an industry perspective. The proposal for the revision of the directive has been announced by the Commission for the 4th quarter 2017.

EBA foresees public authorities’ central role in the CO2 emission reduction in transport. Having seen such a diesel vehicles increase and its negative environmental impact notably in cities, EBA supports clean fuels promotion across EU Member States. Furthermore, EBA suggests broadening of the scope of the Directive to maritime and sea ways as well as a well-to-wheel approach – which would allow to comprehensively encompass the entire life cycle emissions of the vehicles.

Biomethane is a gaseous fuel already used in transport in several Member States and contributes to GHG, NOx and particulate emissions reductions along with reduced noise levels. Furthermore, as positively shown by the Swedish case, local fleets can be fuelled by municipal bio-waste, creating jobs at the local level and directly contributing to a more circular economy and to EU resource-efficiency strategies.

In view of the forthcoming “Mobility Package” release – which is expected by this summer, EBA will carry on working on this file cooperating with EU Institutions and relevant stakeholders.