EBA in the EU’s heating and cooling forum

The European Commission held  its ‘EU Heating and Cooling Strategy Consultancy Forum’ on 9 September.

It gathered Member State representatives and relevant stakeholders from all energy sectors were present. As outlined in its Energy Union communication, the Commission is working on a heating and cooling strategy that shall be published by the end of 2015. The Commission wants to pursue energy efficiency and decarbonisation in the heating and cooling sector that is still for 80% dependent on fossil fuels.

Natural gas is today the dominant fuel in heating buildings and therefore, most representatives reckoned that biogas could play a significant role in the future as a flexible and storable renewable energy source. It was also pointed out by several representatives that energy security and the so called “no regrets” options (renewable energy, energy efficiency as well as better and smarter energy infrastructure) should be at the core of the heating and cooling strategy.

For more information about the heating and cooling strategy, please contact Susanna or Nicolas