EBA joins a network of researchers and scientist for a COST project proposal

EBA joins a consortia of research institutes and scientist from 13 countries for a project “TRansEuropean Network on Digestate for a circular economy”

The challenges this COST action intends to pursue is to enhance the value that can be recovered from digestate tackling the following objectives:

  • promote the use of digestate as fertilizer across EU valorising the nutrients content in digestate substituting mineral fertilizer
  • open new market opportunities for digestate-derived products
  • promote harmonized legislation and best practices across EU

Digestate is a very debated topic among citizens, scientists and politicians. The audience is wide and variegated so is important to use different type of language with each other. To realize a complete study on digestate are required different experts like agronomic, chemical and biological, environmental engineering.

With the network created in this Action weunite the experts listed previously, economists and sociologist. There are lots of documents about digestate but they are repetitive, fragmentary and uneven. This scenario is reflected in the normative level: each nation has different rules and standards,this prevent the correct exploitation of the huge potential of digestate. It is fundamental to coordinate researches on digestate at European level and scientifically demonstrate his value demolishing the blasts and fears ( caused by innovation) that bring to the draft of very restrictive rules
and significant social opposition. Through this action is possible to exchange knowledge and best practices, guiding the choices on national and European norms and increasing the public acceptance of digestate reducing oppositions that could stop the development and best use of digestate and also biogas and biomethane impeding the exploitation of their environmental, economic and social potential