EBA meeting with Commission’s Vice-President Katainen on Circular Economy

EBA joined forces with Baltic Sea Action Group, European Compost Network and European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform to underline the role of bio-nutrients in a Circular Economy.

On 16th of November EBA representatives met the European Commission’s Vice-President Jyrki Katainen to present a joint position elaborated by four organizations and to support the Commission’s work towards the implementation of a Circular Economy (CE). The bio-nutrient and organic carbon circular economy is a core aspect of this package, with benefits for the EU balance of payments, synergies with bio-energies and bio-materials and with environmental challenges (eutrophication, climate change). It offers considerable potential for sustainable job creation in rural areas and for improving farmers’ incomes, and opportunities for innovation and know-how export.

During the meeting, VP Katainen emphasized that an EU market for secondary bionutrients creates a lot of jobs, especially in rural areas. He further admitted that the Commission welcomes all constructive ideas, innovations and solutions for the revision of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) to facilitate the harmonisation of CE and CAP. Katainen encouraged and appreciated further input of European actors, such as those of the delegation.

European Commission is expected to publish Circular Economy package on 2nd of December 2015. EBA will continue the work it started with BSAG, ECN and ESPP on promotion of digestate and recycling of bio-nutrients.

Read the joint position paper here.