EBA presents its opinion on the Renewable Energy Directive revision

On 21st June 2017, EBA published its position on the Renewable Energy Directive revision proposal issued by the European Commission, following the publication of the European Parliament’s draft reports in May and June.

In order to reflect the new division of tasks in the European Parliament, EBA has divided its position into two parts:

  • EBA has developed sustainability recommendations related to the opinion report of MEP Bas Eickhout,from the Environment (ENVI) committee.
    (Find the position here)
  • The rest of the EBA recommendations deals with the report of MEP José Blanco Lopez from the Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) committee. 
    (Find the position here)

The current proposals bring many opportunities for the anaerobic digestion and gasification sectors. In its position papers, EBA presents its opinion and recommendations on the issues of biomethane access to the grid and trade, including Guarantees of Origin (GOs), on targets for renewable heating and cooling, on biowaste in the waste hierarchy, on the definition of ‘non-food cellulosic material’, the obligation on fuel suppliers in the transport, small gaseous biomass plants, GHG savings from biomass and biowaste, and on the inclusion of more pathways for biogas and biomethane.

Please find more EBA positions here.