EBA Statistical Report 2020

The EBA Statistical Report draws on the latest available data on the development of biogas and biomethane across Europe. We extend our gratitude to all our national biogas association members, who kindly provided us with their national data: without their contribution, this report would not have been possible.

We are proud to report that our sector now produces 167 TWh or 15.8 bcm of biogas and 26 TWh or 2.5 bcm of biomethane. At the end of 2019, we have reached a total of 18,943 biogas plants and 725 biomethane plants across Europe.

This 2020 EBA Statistical Report features:

  • The most recent data and statistics on the development of the European biogas and biomethane markets.
  • Potential growth forecasts for the coming years. 
  • An incisive analysis of the impact of key EU policies on the scale-up of the biogas and biomethane sectors in Europe.  
  • State of play of one of the most promising areas of growth in the sector: the production of Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG.  
  • Development of the national biogas and biomethane markets in 19 countries.  

For further details, the publication is available for free for EBA members and non-members can purchase the digital version of the 2020 EBA Statistical Report for 850 euros. You can request your copy at info@europeanbiogas.eu