EBA welcomes 2040 Climate Target

Biogas sector necessary to strengthen system resilience

Brussels 07/02/24 The European Biogas Association (EBA) welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on the 2040 Climate Target, which proposes a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This target represents a clear and necessary response to the ongoing climate crisis. In particular, EBA emphasises the readiness of the biogas and biomethane sectors to contribute significantly to achieving this target.

Biogases are a crucial corner stone of a carbon-neutral and competitive European economy and, as recognised in the Communication, our sector is a “win-win solution” that must be prioritised to maintain and strengthen the EU’s competitiveness and climate mitigation agenda.

Nevertheless, EBA regrets that biogas and biomethane play a secondary role towards the 2040 target compared to other energy vectors, and their important contribution to the energy system integration and flexibility is overlooked.

Biogases are so much more than a mere sustainable energy carrier: produced and consumed in the EU, these green gases provide ready-available solutions to defossilise the EU economy (including hard to abate sectors, such as industry and transport), while contributing to the EU’s energy flexibility, resilience, and independence. They can help us make optimal use of all our resources valorising waste, supporting the development of a circular bioeconomy, and promoting the agroecological transition.

The projected potential for the sustainable production of biomethane from anaerobic digestion (AD) and gasification in Europe by 2050 is 151 bcm. Considering the declining gas consumption, biomethane can provide for the majority of the demand determining the decarbonisation of the grid while still contributing to transport decarbonisation towards 2050.

Harmen Dekker, EBA CEO, stated: “It is now the time for the EU to implement pragmatic solutions which are greatly contributing to GHG emissions reductions. Targets are at reach for our communities and citizens if we speed up action and cut red tape. The 2040 target can be the starting point to build an actionable plan towards 2040, featuring a key role for biogases as a cost-competitive and readily available solution.


Angela Sainz  – EBA Communications Director sainz@europeanbiogas.eu