EBA welcomes 95th member: NGF Nature Energy

The Danish energy company provides gas storage, distribution and transmission services since 1979.

NGF Nature Energy was first establishd in 1979, owned by citizens of the eight municipalities on Funen, as a natural gas company. They provide every year more than 300 million m3 of gas to over 55,000 individuals and businesses across the country.

NGF Nature Energy is one of the pioneers of biogas in the country, being especially invested in playing an active role in Denmark’s green transition. The company’s vision places biogas as the third leg in balance with solar and wind energy. Indeed, Nature Energy is the leading manufacturer of biogas, with four plants that annually converts 250,000 tonnes of waste and others into biogas – enough to heat 30,000 households with CO2-neutral energy.

More information can be found on their website (in Danish).