EBA welcomes Ductor OY and SHV Energy

EBA membership continues to grow! Two new companies have joined our network of Associate Members this month.

Ductor OY promotes biogas as an important renewable energy source and an essential contributor to circular economy. Billions of tons of high-grade organic waste materials are currently not being used because nitrogen stops the biogas production and loads the environment. Ductor’s patented microbiological innovation eliminates the nitrogen dilemma by turning waste into profitable recyclable goods. The company was founded in 2009 in Helsinki and today it operates globally in North America, Europe, and Asia. 

SHV Energy is a family-owned multinational organisation founded in1896. The group provides energy services and solutions to customers who often live or work in areas beyond the natural gas grid in South America, Asia and Europe. SHV is active in the development of decentralised renewable energy sources such as biomass.

More information about our new members:

Ductor OY: www.ductor.com

SHV Energy: www.shvenergy.com