EBA welcomes its 96th member: FWE GmbH

FWE GmbH is based in Marktredwitz in Bavaria, Germany. The company promotes the development of its BIOGASTIGER technology.

This BIOGASTIGER installation technology provides an answer to the increasing demands for efficiency and reliability for biogas plants. It has the advantages of being a mobile, industrially prefabricated, modular expandable and horizontal plug-flow fermenter system. BIOGASTIGER can allow high fermentation capacity, use of substrates with high dry matter content, a thorough mixing of the substrates within the fermenter, no layer building within the fermenter, and achieves a low consumption of electrical and thermal energy.

Expensive earthworks and foundations are not required, as the modules are prefabricated within FWE’s factory, and are simply arranged on a base plate when arriving to the site. Modules can be connected with all tubing above ground. Therefore, permissions and access to the electrical grid are easy to achieve.

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