EBA’s Digestate Factsheet: the value of organic fertilisers

The Digestate Factsheet is EBA’s latest publication, which is now available for download. 

The brochure contains a summary of the main reasons to encourage the use of digestate in agriculture, such as its advantages over mineral fertilisers. Thorough the recycling of organic matter in anaerobic digestion plants, digestate contains all the nutrients (and micronutrients) necessary for modern farming, while it is also a safer fertiliser than raw organic materials. EBA also mentions the challenges that digestate is currently experiencing at a European level, along with policy recommendations to overcome the common barriers of digestate deployment.

The aim of this brochure is also to show that biogas production is one out of several advantages from digesting organic material, where waste management and the manufacture of organic fertilisers are also very important for Europe’s economy and environment.

This informative flyer is dedicated to the policy makers and all stakeholders interested in sustainable agriculture, circular economy and sustainable growth.

EBA has planned to release a second part of the publication, which will include comprehensive guidelines regarding digestate production and its use by farmers.

To learn more about digestate, its current situation and further possibilities, EBA’s Digestate Factsheet is available here.