ERIG Conference & Workgroup Summit 2017

The event will take place on 27-28 September in Brussels, under the motto “Connecting electrons and molecules – the role of the energy infrastructure” . ERIG will discuss with the EU-Commission and fellow Scientists and Industry how well this approach is reflected in the EU research strategy and upcoming Horizon 2018-2020 programme. On the second day there will be in depth workshops to set up project consortia for upcoming EU-Calls of concern. The event takes place in cooperation with EBA and all our members can participate in the event free of charge.

ERIG Conference & Workgroup Summit 2017, 27th-28th September in Brussles

“Research, innovation and competitiveness” forms one of the five dimensions of the Commission’s Energy Union strategy. The integrated SET-Plan is part of a new European energy Research & Innovation approach designed to accelerate the transformation of the EU’s energy system and to bring promising new zero emissions energy technologies to market. This is the fundament to the upcoming research programme Horizon 2018-2020. ERIG recognises a great potential in renewable gas and connecting the world of renewable electrons with the world of molecules by interconnecting the electricity and gas infrastructure. Many running research projects confirm the increasing backing of this approach. But is it also sufficiently reflected in the upcoming Horizon 2018-2020 programme? This question, among many other interesting aspects of “Connecting electrons and molecules – the role of the energy infrastructure”, will be in the center of the ERIG Conference 2017.

There will also be Lighthouse Projects featured during the conference. EBA is represented with BIOSURF and also STORE&GO and Gas for Climate – Competitive low-carbon gas – are worth mentioning.

In the ERIG workgroup Summit 2017 on the second day, there will be four parallel workshops to set out a project roadmap for 2018. There will be a detailed look at the parts of the upcoming Horizon 2018-2020 research programme of concern to our fields of activities with the aim to prepare project consortia for upcoming calls. The workgroup workshop “Renewable Gas” takes place with support of EBA and is of special concern to our members. But also other parts of the programme such as Bio Based Industries, Smart Green and Integrated Transport and environmental topics are of concern to EBA. Those areas will also be highlighted during the workshop and enable us to identify crosscutting topics of common concern.

The event takes place in cooperation with EBA and all our members can participate in the event free of charge. The numbers of participants are limited and the registration is therefore binding.

More information and registration here  and on ERIG’s website.