EU-funded BIOSURF Project presents its latest results

All the deliverables have been made available on the project’s website.

As it wraps up its first year of development, the BIOSURF (BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel) project partners are proud to present some of their results so far, in the form of deliverables planned on the project’s description.

The objective of BIOSURF is to increase the production and use of biomethane from animal waste, other waste materials and sustainable biomass, for grid injection and as transport fuel, by removing non-technical barriers and by paving the way towards a European biomethane market.

Thus, two documents containing a “Technical-administrative proposal to EC for declaring natural gas network as a single, closed mass-balancing system with respect to biomethane cross-border transactions” and “Comprehensive guidelines for establishing national biomethane registries” have been completed within the work package that contemplates efforts towards Biomethane Trade.

A “Report on current and future sustainable biomass supply for biomethane production” and an “Inventory and analysis of biomethane related EU and national political acts, regulations and support schemes” can be found under the Sustainable raw material supply and the Impact analysis and Policy Dimension working packages. Finally, the latest edition of the BIOSURF Newsletter (December 2015) has been published, both in English and the local languages of the BIOSURF regions (French, German, Italian, and Hungarian).

All materials can be found on the BIOSURF website here.